A YAG laser surgery/ laser capsulotomy is Neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet surgery- is a non-invasive procedure that is used to treat posterior capsular opacification. In simpler terms, YAG laser surgery is performed after cataract surgery to improve the results of the previous surgery. 

Why is a YAG laser surgery needed and who needs it?

A YAG laser surgery is needed for patients suffering from posterior capsular opacification, a condition where the cataract surgery done prior to it becomes complicated. This complication from the cataract surgery results in decreased vision, glare, and symptoms similar to that developed before cataract surgery. This complication is caused by the proliferation of lens epithelial cells which causes fibrotic changes and wrinkling of the posterior capsule. 

A YAG laser surgery is required for patients who develop the above condition-posterior capsular opacification occurring after a few months of Cataract surgery or even a few years. 

What happens during a YAG laser surgery?

YAG laser surgery is a simple procedure that takes a few minutes and can be completed on an outpatient basis. After a patient develops symptoms of such a problem after the cataract surgery, he/she needs to visit a surgeon and after a few tests, the doctor will advise for the surgery.

  • No prior preparation is required for the surgery, one needs to visit the laser room for a walk-in- walk-out surgery.
  • Anaesthetic eye drops will be put in to numb the surface and you would be told to sit on a machine that looks somewhat similar to a regular eye checkup machine.
  •  The surgeon will use a laser to create an opening in the opacified capsule which will allow light rays to move freely towards the backside of the affected eye.
  • The patient will hardly feel any pain and the surgery lasts for 20 minutes.

And the surgery is completed! 

The nurse/ doctor will examine the patient’s newly operated eye to check the hole in the capsule.

What is the cost of a YAG laser surgery?

The estimated national average for the YAG laser surgery is $2,392. Usually, YAG surgery is done upon one eye at a time. Before surgery, patients must enquire about the costs thoroughly, the surgeon’s fee might be excluded from the surgery cost. Mostly all such surgeries are fully or partially covered by insurance in the USA.

What are the benefits of YAG laser surgery?

YAG laser surgery is used to remove the cloudy capsule which thickens inside the eye and helps in restoring the vision that was disrupted after cataract surgery. There are also fewer complications after the surgery and the ophthalmologist may prescribe you some anti-inflammatory eye drops after the surgery. This surgery comes with clear cut benefits, however, it might be costly. The simplest solution to this problem is to invest and trust in a healthcare firm that will not only provide you with reduced costs but also with world-class service. 
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What are the complications after the YAG surgery?

  • Some patients may get a build-up of fluid in the macula( the part responsible for central vision)
  • The retinal detachment is very rare.
  • Excessive pain
  • Loss of vision
  • Flashing lights
  • Increased redness in the eye

The above symptoms are rare but can develop. The patient must consult a doctor immediately. 

Why choose ZeaMed?

ZeaMed provides the patients with quality service along with reduced costs. We can see that the average cost for this surgery is around $2000 which is always subjected to change. Insurance companies’ reduced cost also varies. So why worry and take stress about something which is uncertain? Trust ZeaMed where patients will experience price transparency which isn’t available in any other health care firm.

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