X-Ray Test

X-rays (or X-Radiation) are high-energy electromagnetic radiations. X-ray is an imaging test which quick ,painless and used to picture the dense materials(bones/metal) and inner structure of human body.

Test Details:

  • Before, X-ray test the patient is dressed in a gown and refrained from eating/drinking before performing the X-ray test.
  • The patient is given a special dye (that contains iodine/barium) called contrast material. Either it is consumed by the patient or injected into his veins(arm)/rectum.Due to which the X-ray cross-sectional images are clear.
  • The table on which the patient is placed will be moved into the scanner. Later, the X-ray machine will rotate and take images from different directions.
  • X-ray tests are mainly used for examining the chest, bones, teeth, abdomen, etc.
  • The X-ray tests are used to identify/examine/monitor/treat bone cancer, breast tumors, enlarged heart, blocked blood vessels, conditions affecting your lungs, digestive problems, fractures, infections, osteoporosis, arthritis, tooth decay, to retrieve swallowed items, etc
  • The overall duration of the X-ray test is 15-20 minutes.
  • X-ray test can sometimes be harmful and increase the risk of cancer. Though the side effects are negligible. High radiation may cause vomiting, loss of hair/skin color, bleeding, etc.
  • After the X-ray test, the person can get back to his/her normal activities.