Who doesn’t find fast food, ready-to-eat packaged food, and processed food appetizing? I guess there isn’t any reader who hasn’t tried fast food so far. Fast food is lip-smacking, ready to carry and eat. Over the last decade, fast foods have become popular and convenient. However, fast foods are not at all a healthy option and are the leading cause of several diseases. However, fast food is one of the leading causes of health issues in women.

Is fast food linked to cancer in women?

A research study by the World Cancer Research Fund and Cancer Research U.K., published in Clinical Medicine, a Lancet open-access clinical journal, has uncovered compelling evidence linking the consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) to an elevated risk of developing cancer. 

The study revealed that a 10% increase in UPF consumption correlated with a 2% higher risk of being diagnosed with any cancer and a 6% higher risk of cancer-related mortality.

  • Moreover, the research highlighted specific associations, including a 19% increased risk of ovarian cancer due to the consumption of fast food.
  • A 30% increased risk of mortality from ovarian cancer with each 10% incremental rise in UPF consumption.
  • Additionally, a 16% higher risk of mortality from breast cancer was observed for each 10% increase in UPF consumption. 

Ultra-processed foods, characterized by significant deviation from natural forms and the absence of whole foods, undergo extensive processing and often contain artificial additives, preservatives, and flavors. Northeastern University’s Network Science Institute reports that 73% of the U.S. food supply comprises ultra-processed foods driven by affordability, convenience, and aggressive marketing.

What diets are linked to cancer in women?

There is a direct link to cancer in women from certain foods.

  • Excessive salt in junk food may lead to the probability of coronary thrombosis.
  • Junk and fast food directly affect the kidneys in women.
  • Presence of hormone disruptors in diet that directly affect women.
  • Phthalates in food affect women by disrupting estrogen and testosterone.

Do Fast Foods Lead to Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes?

This study reinforces previous research linking ultra-processed foods not only to cancer but also to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. 

Obesity is linked to chronic diseases like cancer, especially postmenopausal breast cancer. Eating energy-dense foods and sugary drinks contributes to weight gain. About 27% of daily calories come from energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods, with desserts and sweeteners making up nearly 20%. Fast food consumption is associated with high-calorie, low-nutrient diets and obesity. Sugar-sweetened drinks like sodas also contribute to weight gain. Increased energy intake affects hormones like insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1 and estrogen, which influence cancer cell growth.

The global rise in cancer cases and the substantial impact of dietary factors underscore the urgency of adopting healthier eating habits. Therefore, both the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization recommend restricting the consumption of ultra-processed foods to promote overall health and well-being.

Say No To Fast Food

Let’s look at some healthy tips for preventing cancer in women.

  • Women must stop or limit fast food consumption and opt for healthier options.
    • Go for foods rich in antioxidants, like fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Lean protein foods are a good source of protein for women.
    • Omitting canned foods can drastically reduce the chances of cancer in women.
    • Avoid sugary drinks.
    • Avoid processed meat like deli meat, red meat, and foods high in trans fat.
  • Consuming foods that contain phytonutrients, such as herbs, spices, tea, coffee, and coloured vegetables, reduces women’s cancer risk. Allium compounds found in garlic, onions, cloves, etc.

The fast food culture of the Western diet is a harbinger of cancer and other health-related issues. Clinical studies have shown an increased risk of obesity in women, which leads to many different health complications. Women must do optimum exercise, screening, and checkups. 

We can prevent cancer with healthy eating habits, exercise, and regular screenings. Let us pledge to avoid cancer for all women and men. Let’s opt for home-cooked food that keeps us healthy. If you want to know about our personalised diet plans, click here. ZeaHealth has sought an exciting meal plan to reduce the consumption of processed food. To everybody reading our blogs, you can try it and get the desired benefits. Therefore, keep following ZeaMed for more such exciting and healthy diet plans for the upcoming year.









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