Colonoscopy is a test used to examine the whole intestine (colon) to prevent intestine/colon cancer. It uses a colonoscope that has a flexible, thin and long tube that has a camera on its tip.

Test Details:

  • Before the colonoscopy, the patient should make sure that the colon is emptied/cleaned out. Since any residue in the colon may disturb the colon/rectum view during the test.
  • A day before the test the patient will have to follow the special diet, take a laxative(a pill), use an enema kit, and adjust his/her medications.
  • During the colonoscopy test, the patient is asked to wear a gown and a mild sedative(pill) is given. Sedative helps in reducing the pain and discomfort.
  • The patient is placed on the test table and a colonoscopy is inserted into the rectum by drawing knees towards the chest.
  • Doctors can also insert other instruments for conducting a biopsy, remove abnormal tissues and polyps, etc.
  • A colonoscopy allows the doctor to pump air(co2) in order to view the colon lining. It also contains a video camera that sends images to monitor which helps in studying the test.
  • The whole procedure takes around 30-60 minutes.
  • It takes one hour for the patient to recover from the sedative. Someone has to take you home and it takes a day or 2 to recover completely.