Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated data brings before us, a quite worrying fact about the growing problem of Arthritis across the world, especially the USA. With the advancement of years, the number of people affected by arthritis and other joint-related issues has kept on increasing. In 2014, an estimated 54 million people were affected with it and by 2020, 63 million people would be affected. 

The CDC also does a future estimation that by 2025 onwards, 67 million people would have been affected and by 2045, 78 million people would report diagnosed by such problems. 

This calls for adequate knowledge which would help each one of us live sustainably in future. Such joint disorders can be treated by joint replacement surgeries, joint injections etc and joint injection with fluoroscopic guidance is one of the most practised methods known to provide relief. 

  • What is a joint injection with fluoroscopic guidance?
  • How beneficial it can be for patients?
  • The average cost of joint injection with fluoroscopic guidance.

What is a joint injection with fluoroscopic guidance?

A Joint injection, also known as an intra articular injection, is a procedure which is used to treat inflammatory joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, and Carpal Tunnel syndrome. While giving a joint injection, a hypodermic needle is injected into the affected joint area where a dose of an anti-inflammatory agent is inserted. Usually corticosteroid, hyaluronic acid is injected owing to its high viscosity. 

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique which uses X-Ray to obtain real-time moving images of the interior body parts.

When is fluoroscopy-guided injection required?

Fluoroscopy injection is mainly ordered and suggested by surgeons to assist in diagnosing the source of pain and is far better than injecting steroid-based injections. Fluoroscopic injections can provide long term relief to patients.

Different types of Fluoroscopic injections

There are various types of fluoroscopy-guided spinal injections and the surgeon would choose the best one suited for you.

  • Epidural steroid injections- This injection places the medication in the epidural space which surrounds the sac which contains the spinal fluid and the nerve roots. It thus spreads over a wide area and helps in the reduction of inflammation.
  • Nerve Root Block- This method places the medication directly adjacent to the nerve root which causes pain. This method is like a more targeted method and patients with multilevel spine problems may be highly benefited with this. 
  • Facet injection- This injection places the medication directly to the facet joints of the spine. 

The procedure of joint injection with Fluoroscopic guidance

A patient needs to visit the orthopaedic surgeon who will connect with various radiologists and other specialists as this procedure requires the intervention of many specialists. The doctor will initially order for an X-Ray, MRI and other necessary tests and analyse the situation. As the patient will enter the operation theatre, the procedure area’s skin will be cleaned and a sterile drape would be placed on it.

Local anaesthesia would be given and the radiologist would guide the needle into the area of the spine using X-ray guidance, that is fluoroscopy.

The fluid would be injected and the whole procedure shall take 15-20 minutes and the patient might experience slight discomfort/pressure.

Some patients may experience slight pain but if the pain continues to exist, it must be immediately informed. 

Some patients experience facial flushing, elevated blood sugar level for diabetic patients, bleeding, headache and numbness but these effects will ease within a short duration of time. 

Cost of a Joint injection with Fluoroscopic guidance

The cost of a joint injection varies greatly as different patients may require different types of injections whose cost varies individually. The cost also depends upon whether one has insurance, usually, the cost is pretty high owing to the complacentness of the procedure and the risks involved. However, the estimated national average for a joint injection with fluoroscopic guidance is $978. 

One should also keep in mind that the cost of the tests, done before the joint injection, is excluded from the average cost as these costs will again vary. 

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