The surgical removal of a cancerous lump present in the breast is termed breast lump removal or lumpectomy. A lump in the breast can be identified through a biopsy.

The doctor generally removes the lump and tissue surrounding the tumor in order to eradicate cancer cells completely. Lumpectomy is considered the early stage of cancer.

Why a breast lump removal is performed?

Breast lump removal is essential to stop spreading the cancerous tumor to other parts of the body. The doctor removes the lump based on the size and characteristics of the breast and stage of the tumor. When the lump is removed the breasts’ appearance and sensations are uninjured. This leads to breast symmetry. Lumpectomy is followed by chemotherapy or radiation in order to destroy the cancer cells completely.

What are the risks associated with breast lump removal?
Generally, surgeries carry many risks like infections, bleeding, or other allergic reactions.  After the surgery, the breast may be numb in case if it affected nerves. Changes like change in breast shape, swelling of breast, tenderness, etc. If the procedure involves radiation then risks like redness/burning of skin, fatigue, etc will be encountered.

How to prepare for a breast lump removal?

Before the breast lump removal, you will have to visit a doctor multiple times and undergo several physical tests like X-ray tests( mammography) in order to identify the shape and size of the tumor/lump in the breast.
You will have to meet the surgeon a few days before the surgery. The doctor will advise you about the allergies, medications, or other drugs and supplements that have to be avoided or taken before the surgery.
Consumption of Blood thinners should be stopped before surgery to avoid excessive bleeding. Also, abstain from drinking and eating for about 8 to 12 hours before surgery.

You can get a friend or a family member on the day of your surgery. Consult a doctor if you have any questions regarding the surgery or your health.

How is breast lump removal performed?

A few hours before the surgery you will wear a hospital gown and you will be given anesthesia. If you are given local anesthesia then it may act as a sedative which helps you to relax during the lump removal. If general anesthesia is used then you will be in sleep without experiencing any pain during the entire procedure.

The surgeon will locate the tumor by placing a clip or a metal marker near the tumor site. A thin wire will be used to locate the placed clip which in turn helps the surgeon to locate the right spot for the removal.

The surgeon will remove the tumor and the healthy cells around it and send it to the lab for testing. Lymph nodes present under the arm on the side of your breast will be removed to test the cancer spread by sending it to the lab.
After removing tumors and lymph nodes, the opening will be closed with a stitch and bandaged.

What happens after breast lump removal?

After the surgery procedure, you will be sent to the recovery room and monitored after you wake up. After you wake up you will have some pain in the surgery area. You will be provided with a medicine for the pain to relieve. As it takes some time to heal you will have to restrict a few activities.  Meanwhile, the stitches may dissolve or the doctor will remove the stitches. Keep visiting the doctor even after the surgery until you recover completely.

When you follow up with a doctor frequently, you will be examined and radiation therapy is suggested if necessary. This is carried out within a few weeks of the lumpectomy procedure.

After the radiation therapy, depending on the size of the lump you will have to decide if breast reconstruction is required or not.

The doctor may recommend mastectomy if you don’t want radiation therapy or if you are worried about the tumor returning. Furthermore, you might need to go for other surgeries if the whole tumor was not removed in the initial stage/surgery.

Though there is a lump that is detected in the breast, that doesn’t often mean it’s cancer. It is very important to see a doctor if any kind of abnormality is sensed so that you would have accurate information about the breast lump. 

How much does breast lump surgery cost?

Breast lump surgery costs from$20,000 to $100,000. Some insurance policies may cover the charges, but that depends on your policy. It is important to look into the estimated costs and quality of service before you decide to have the procedure done. ZeaMed promises you the best services at affordable prices. It is at ZeaMed where you can find expert doctors and technicians so you can feel comfortable and confident through your procedure!

However, anyone who finds a lump should see a doctor promptly to obtain an accurate diagnosis and start early treatment if necessary. It is very important to undergo screening for identifying if it is the early stage of breast cancer.

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