Spinal fusion surgery is a surgery performed to combine two or more vertebrae in your spine to eliminate motion between them. It involves methods designed to head towards the normal repairing of broken bones. Doctors can bill for spinal fusion surgeries using the CPT code 460/473. 

What is spinal fusion surgery?

Spinal fusion surgery is a surgical procedure in which 2 or more vertebrae are joined permanently to form one solid bone with no space between them. Small interlocking bones of the spine are referred to as vertebrae. Spinal fusion is referred to as anterior or posterior spinal fusion, arthrodesis, vertebral interbody fusion.

Why is spinal fusion surgery important?

Spinal fusion surgery connects 2 or more vertebrates in the spine to correct deformity, reduce pain, improve stability, etc. It is important to fix the deformities of the spine, herniated disk, spinal weakness, and instability.

How does spinal fusion surgery work?

Spinal fusion surgery is carried out in the surgical department of a hospital.
In order to avoid any pain, anesthesia will be used in the procedure.
While performing the procedure, you will be lying down with a BP cuff on your arm and with a monitor on the chest. This helps the surgeon and anesthesia giver to watch the heartbeat and blood pressure while undergoing surgery. The whole procedure takes several hours.

The surgeon will make a bone graft. It will be fused into 2 vertebrae. If your own bone is used then the surgeon will make a cut just above the pelvic bone and then remove a part of it. The bone graft can be allograft (bone from bone bank), or synthetic bone.Based on the location of the fused bone, the surgeon will make a slit to place the bone.

How can I prepare for spinal fusion surgery?

Spinal fusion surgery is like any other surgical procedure.
It requires preoperative laboratory testing.
Let the physician know the following:

  1. Alcohol usage
  2. Nicotine usage
  3. If you have other illnesses (cold, flu, etc)
  4. Relying on any other medications or supplements

Generally, anesthesia is given eight hours before the spinal fusion surgery procedure.
If a physician recommends any medication on the day of surgery, take it with a sip of water.

What should I expect?

Spinal fusion surgery is an effective remedy for spinal conditions. It definitely takes time to heal. The comfort level and symptoms will improve as time passes. This procedure might not soothe chronic back pain completely but will definitely reduce the pain. 

How long does Spinal Fusion Surgery take?

Spinal fusion surgery can take 2 to 7 hours or longer. However, it depends on the fused number of vertebrae, to what extent they are diseased, how spinal nerves are strained and relaxed, and whether there is a blotch from any of the preceding surgery.

How long does it take for bones to fuse after spinal fusion?

After spinal fusion surgery, you would feel sore and stiff. There might be trouble sitting or standing in one position for too long. After surgery, the person might need a few pain medicines. It might take 4 to 6 weeks to get back to normal chores.

How much does a Spinal Fusion Surgery Cost in USA?

Spinal Fusion surgery can cost from XXX to XXX depending on the patient’s condition.  Spinal Fusion Test is a  highly effective test that is useful in fixing the spinal issues of a person.

Though spiral fusion surgery fixes spine-related issues, it has some complications, risks, and side effects. To keep up good health in condition, it is necessary to follow a proper diet and exercise regularly.

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