Every pregnant woman must go for a regular abdominal ultrasound for the fetus’s well-being. A fetal ultrasound helps check the baby’s growth and looks for abnormalities. USG obstetrics is an essential part of prenatal care, and every woman should know when to go for it. ZeaMed emphasizes women’s health by educating them in every possible way. Gone are those days when women neglected their health. With ZeaMed, you can improve women’s health. If you haven’t checked our latest blog, click here.

Women need to know about fetal USG before they go for it. This blog will let you know what happens during an abdominal ultrasound. ZeaMed shows providers who offer a discount on abdominal Ultrasound of pregnant uterus.

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In this blog, you will get the details of what abdominal USG is for a pregnant woman. You will also get a clear idea about USG pregnancy test costs.

What is an Abdominal ultrasound of a pregnant uterus (greater or equal to 14 weeks 0 days) single or first fetus?

An abdominal ultrasound/fetal ultrasound is a kind of imaging technique that produces images of the uterus. This is just like any other ultrasound technique that uses sound waves to produce images. A fetal ultrasound helps look at the fetus and find its current condition. An 

abdominal Ultrasound is the most critical test during prenatal care. 

Usually, the initial abdominal Ultrasound is done during the first trimester. First, a device is rotated on the woman’s belly, producing waves. Then, these waves bounce back inside the body to produce images on a computer. Therefore, the physician gets to know the fetus’s exact shape, size, and condition. 

What does a fetal USG check on a woman?

An abdominal/fetal USG is done to check the following conditions-

  • Age of the fetus
  • Presence of one or more fetus
  • Location of the placenta
  • Position of the baby
  • The amount of amniotic fluid in the sac
  • The growth of the baby
  • Confirming the number of babies
  • Anatomical abnormalities
  • Performing other prenatal tests
  • Looking for complications
  • Looking for fetal position before delivery
  • Determining the sex of the baby(this practice has a ban in some countries)

A fetal USG is by far the best way to check for all these conditions. USG waves are not harmful to the unborn child or the mother. Doctors and patients mostly rely on USG as it is hassle-free and nearly 100% accurate.

In early pregnancy, the woman must have a full bladder for the examination. Several types of ultrasound scans can be done depending on the clarity and depth of the images.

What are the various types of abdominal Ultrasound available?

There are different types of Ultrasound for pregnant women. The doctor will advise you of the kind of abdominal Ultrasound during pregnancy. 

2D Ultrasound:

A two-dimensional ultrasound produces a flat image of just one aspect of the picture. 

3D Ultrasound:

This Ultrasound provides a three-dimensional picture, which helps the doctor observe the view in-depth – like 

the height and the width. The 3D USG is similar to others except for the use of a special probe. This helps to create a better image of the fetus inside the uterus. 

4D Ultrasound:

This is the latest technology to visualize the three-dimensional image in a real-time – live-action view. This shows a better impression of the baby’s face and other body parts.

Transvaginal Ultrasound

This USG is expected in the initial stages of pregnancy. A transducer is inserted through the vagina, which produces more explicit images. 

How can I prepare for an ultrasound?

USG is a hassle-free procedure but can sometimes be difficult for pregnant women. It is because pregnant women have difficulty holding urine in the bladder. 

  • The physician will advise you to keep your bladder full before the fetal Ultrasound. This helps in getting a clear image of the fetus. If you are having abdominal 
  • USG early in the morning, try not urinating at least 2 hours before it.
  • Wear loose clothes on the day of USG
  • Have a regular diet before the USG
  • Drink plenty of water so that your stomach is full
  • Avoid urinating, at least. 

What can I expect?

After the USG of the pregnant uterus is done, you can expect the following-

  • Images of the basic anatomy of the fetus
  • Images of the placenta, amniotic sac, and ovaries
  • Identification of birth defects or anatomical abnormalities if any
  • Detection of the gestational age
  • Identification of the sex of the baby(Some countries have put a ban on this, it is illegal to even ask about the sex of the baby)
  • Number of fetuses

How long does the USG of a pregnant uterus take?

The process takes anywhere between 30-45 minutes. The duration also depends on how clearly the images are seen.

What happens after a pregnancy ultrasound?

Once the ultrasound scan is done, you can wipe off the gel on your abdomen using a tissue. Then, you can clean up yourself and lay down for a while. It may take time to prepare for the complete USG report of a pregnant uterus. Sometimes, you can get the report within the same day or latest by 24 hours.

The doctor will inform you once your report is ready. The ultrasound scan is painless and non-invasive; it is safe for the mother and the baby. 

How much does an Abdominal Ultrasound for a pregnant uterus Cost?

The total cost of a pregnant uterus depends upon various factors. 

  • The type of clinic you are choosing. 
  • The type of abdominal USG you opt for
  • Whether your insurance is covering the cost
  • The kind of USG machines used

Generally, the USG cost of a pregnant uterus ranges between $155-$2,131. The estimated national average cost of abdominal USG is $479. 

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