The prostate is a small reproductive gland that helps in creating sperm in the cell. Prostate biopsy is performed to remove the tiny sample tissues from the prostate to examine for cancer.

When Do I Need a Prostate Biopsy?

If the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level in the blood is elevated or if an abnormal lump is found during a digital rectal test then the doctor may suggest you go for a prostate biopsy.

A digital rectal test is performed by a doctor by inserting a finger up to the bottom to identify if the prostate has bumps or enlarged. Ultrasound scanning is another option before a biopsy. It is performed by inserting a probe instead of a finger to take images of the prostate.

Treatment Options

If the doctor recommends surgery to remove the nearby tissue or prostate so that cancer doesn’t spread, then there are various treatment options like Hormone therapy, radiation, chemotherapy, and cryotherapy to opt for.
Men with the disease might need active surveillance or watchful waiting. This means rectal exams, blood tests, other biopsies are performed to keep an eye on the disease condition. If the cancer condition is critical then you may have to discuss further treatment options with your doctor.

How do you prepare for the test?

The urologist may suggest the following if you have to prepare for the prostate test. 

  • To examine the urinary tract infection you will have to provide a urine sample. If the infection is present then antibiotics will be used to get rid of the infection meanwhile the biopsy will be postponed.
  • You will have to stop taking certain medications or supplements several days before the test procedure for avoiding side effects.
  • Clean enema at home before your biopsy appointment.
  • Take antibiotics suggested by the doctor before 30-60 minutes to prevent the infection.

The Biopsy Procedure

  • It is a simple procedure with a duration of 10 minutes.
  • The doctor inserts a needle through the rectum wall and into the prostate to bring out cells for testing.
  • Generally, multiple cells are taken from the different parts of the prostate.
  • This procedure may make men sound painful or nervous, but it causes brief discomfort only.
  • After the process, you might notice blood in your pee or semen or some bleeding from your bottom. This can last for a few weeks.


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