If your doctor had recently told you to get a CMP done and you are hardly aware of what a CMP test is, you have dropped by the right place. I will clear all your doubts in the following areas-

  •          What is a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Test?
  •          Why would a doctor order a CMP test?
  •          How much does a CMP test cost?
  •          Are CMP and BMP the same?
  •          Will insurance cover the cost of CMP blood test?

What is a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel test?

Also known as Chemical Screen and SMA 12+2 test, it is a panel of 14 blood tests done together to measure 14 substances in our blood. It provides a rough check of the kidney function, liver function, diabetic and parathyroid status, electrolyte and fluid balance in our body. It helps understand the human body’s metabolism and how the body uses food and energy.

A CMP test includes the test of the following:

  • Calcium
  • Glucose
  • Sodium, potassium, Co2 & chloride (Electrolytes, controlling the number of fluids and balancing it)
  • Albumin (a protein made in the liver)
  • Total protein ( total amount of protein in the blood)
  • ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase), ALT (Alkaline transaminase) & AST (aspartate aminotransferase). Enzymes made by the liver.
  • Bilirubin (the waste product of the liver)
  • BUN( Blood urea nitrogen) & Creatinine (waste products from the blood by kidneys)

A patient should stop eating 8-12 hours before the CMP test. You must tell your doctor beforehand about the medicines you already take or have taken, as the drugs interfere with the test and you might end up getting a wrong report. 

Why would a doctor order a CMP test?

A doctor prescribes for a CMP test as a part of your routine check-up, or simply to diagnose any abnormalities in the liver and kidney. It is done by doctors to analyse the electrolyte and fluid balance of the body and it is the most effective tests done so far. 

How much does a CMP test cost?

The cost of the CMP test on an average ranges from $108 to $250 depending on the clinics you visit. If you visit a community centre hospital, the cost of the CMP blood test may be $108. The same may shoot up to $200 if you visit a private clinic. Sometimes the negotiated CMP cost at a government hospital can come down to $61 to $77. On average, the cost of the CMP blood test is $48.

Are CMP and BMP the same?

Another factor which influences the cost is whether you are going for a CMP or a BMP. The cost of the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel may be slightly higher than the Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP).  

A CMP is nothing but an expanded version of the BMP, Basic Metabolic Panel. A CMP includes the liver tests and checks how the liver works and what the protein levels are in your blood.

A BMP is mainly used to check the electrolyte imbalance and abnormal blood sugar level.

In this regard, as CMP is a combination of all the 14 tests, the cost is slightly more. The retail cost of a Basic Metabolic Panel test ranges around $85 to $95. In a government hospital, the negotiated price of a BMP can also come down to $62.

Will insurance cover the cost of CMP blood test?

Well, difficult to say as it depends upon the type of insurance plan you have. Mostly the blood tests are not included in your insurance plan, only if you get admitted for a medical condition in a hospital, the blood tests are done then will be included in the total bill charged and you might get a rebate on it. Generally, going for a simple blood test is hardly covered by any insurance plan. 

If your insurance covers the cost of CMP it can move on an average from $48 to $70. 

Well, it again depends upon whether you are on a High Deductible Plan where the rates may again vary.

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