The concept of community healthcare has become quite ubiquitous now. As technology is advancing, we are heading towards an era of smart healthcare. Smart healthcare is the necessity of this generation which includes healthcare screening by using all types of e-equipments. 

So what is all about community healthcare? Why is there a growing trend of community healthcare in the 21st century? 

Community healthcare was never new to ZeaMed! ZeaMed believes in the mental and physical well-being of the community. If you would like to know about what community healthcare is, keep reading below.

What is community healthcare? 


Community healthcare mainly refers to the health of a particular geographical community. In other words, it refers to the systematic management of the health of a community or region. 

It helps to monitor the onset of diseases and find the root cause of it. It also becomes a research ground for chronic diseases related to a particular gene or region. Monitoring health at the community level also prevents disease.  

One can classify community healthcare into the following heads-

  • Rehabilitation health services- Physical Therapy, Family Therapy, Counseling etc.
  • Promotive Health services like family planning, Health education, vaccination etc.
  • Preventive health services for diseases like diabetes, TB, Hypertension etc.
  • Curative health services- Treatment of diseases like malaria, pneumonia etc.

What is the future of community healthcare?

Community healthcare has got innumerable benefits for the upcoming era. Healthcare professionals have long focussed upon the need for community healthcare. Our CEO, Dr Chandra Bondugula writes and discusses the importance of community healthcare. In one of his last lectures to undergraduate students, Dr Bondugula discussed how as a team we can improve community health.

Have you ever wondered?

Community healthcare, clubbed with online health services can do wonders. Community healthcare is largely supported by online blogs, online doctor consultations etc. In 2023, community healthcare will change the power dynamics between physicians and consumers. 

In other words, it will bridge the gap between caregivers and consumers. The consumers can easily connect with the caregivers via an online platform. The caregivers get the best services in return.

Neglecting community health? A big no-no!

Are people actually acknowledging the importance of healthcare communities? Comment below and put forward your views. 

Studies say that a lack of focus on healthcare communities can trigger complex problems. Consider the covid epidemic in China. Experts believe that if there had been systematic community healthcare monitoring, the epidemic could have been stopped. This is however a debatable topic about the origin of the spread of coronavirus! 

Medical experts believe that diseases can be curbed if there is systematic monitoring from the first stage. It is only through community healthcare that many diseases can be prevented beforehand. Community healthcare promotes health education for all. This makes the people of the community quite aware of any ongoing healthcare crisis. Let us consider diabetes. Community healthcare can do wonders in America to prevent diabetes. 

A significant section of Americans depends upon fast food which is a major reason for diabetes. Now imagine if there is community wise healthcare monitoring/awareness. This will educate and aware people of the consequences of consuming foods which trigger obesity. The community healthcare system also considers genetic issues of a particular race or gender. These communities create awareness for people/races who are prone to chronic diseases. 

How can one improve community healthcare?

  • Identification and segregation-In order to improve the community health, there has to be an identification of the community. In simpler words, communities must be segregated according to social constraints. There has to be a specific study done to understand the communities. Let us take an example of a community which consists of an older population.  One has to study and monitor diseases specific to older communities.  


Everything boils down to the urgent need for community healthcare. By developing healthcare at the community level, we can improve it at the country level.  Community healthcare is an emerging concept which needs extensive research and practice. We, at ZeaMed are quite keen to explore these enterprising concepts. Our CEO, Dr Chandra Bondugula stresses on the importance of community healthcare. Keep checking our newsletters for Dr Bondugula‚Äôs valuable words on Community healthcare 2022. 

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