The presence of the mind is something whose timely application discovers instant solutions. Such a presence of mind saved a woman’s life in Hyderabad, India. Not attractive at first instance, but this story teaches us an important lesson. 

Recently, a lady constable gave timely CPR to a dying woman. As if Dawa Naveena blew life into Ranjitha, a housekeeping staff. Ranjitha had fainted due to the lathi charge and chaos on the road. Naveena didn’t wait for the paramedic team to arrive. Instead, her presence of mind and first aid training gave life to a dying woman. 

How many of us know CPR? Can we use it during an emergency? What if CPR goes wrong? Well, these are the obvious questions hovering around the minds of your readers. Let me help you with that!

You never know what will happen suddenly to a person walking on the road. He/she may suffer a heart attack, meet with an accident etc. Many situations arrive in a chaotic and crowded area, just like Ranjitha experienced in the crowded area at Gymkhana ground. She started having breathing troubles. Should we all know how to give CPR in 2022?

ZeaHealth answers all your queries.

What is CPR?

CPR is Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a life-saving technique to save a person’s life when he/she stops breathing. During a heart attack or fluid fill up in the lungs, the heart cannot pump blood on its own and stops working. However, this condition can be reversed by performing a quick procedure.

How is CPR done?

Well, there are two types of CPR. One of the types is for the layman. There is an advanced technique of CPR done by healthcare professionals.

The American Heart Association instructs us to remember the order- C-A-B




Compression: This process involves pushing down the person’s heart.

Steps to follow while giving compressions-

  • Make the person lie on his/her back.
  • It would help if You kneeled next to the person.
  • It would help if you placed the lower palm over the center of the person’s chest.
  • The other hand should be on top of the first hand.
  • You have to push down the chest for at least 2 inches and not more than that. 
  • One must push at a high rate of 100-200 compressions per minute.
  • The chest will now spring back.

Airway: Here, one needs to open the airway by tilting the head and chin-lift maneuver.

  • You must put your palm on the person’s forehead and tilt it backward. 
  • On the other hand, you need to lift your chin forward to open the airway.

Breathing: This is the most important procedure.

  • Breathing from mouth to mouth or mouth to nose.
  • Once you open the airway, you should pinch the nostrils for mouth-to-mouth breathing by covering the person’s mouth. 
  • If the chest rises, give it another breath.
  • One can give chest compression followed by two rescue breaths can be given if the person does not respond.
  • Once the AED is available, you must stop giving CPR.

Can the government take steps to improve CPR?

Definitely! The government can take up steps to improve CPR. It is the government that creates awareness through the media. Just remember the days when awareness programs took place through TV. People have now shifted to popular media- social media, which is an excellent education platform and awareness platform. 

  • Government can post attractive articles about CPR.
  • The articles or posts must be colorful. Short videos explaining the step-wise techniques to do CPR can do wonders. 
  • Government can set up campaigns and workshops in schools, universities and offices to educate people about giving CPR in 2022. Live campaigns by doctors can be helpful for laymen like us to understand the techniques of CPR.
  • Government should add CPR as First Aid in the school curriculum. 

CPR wrap by Felicia Jackson

The story of Felicia Jackson is a unique one. Not because she invented the CPR wrap but for her intention to save lives. Jackson’s cardiac arrest experience and her son made her go on a mission to help people. Her son stopped breathing, which inspired her to create this wrap. 

CPR wrap is a tool that helps to give quick CPR during an emergency. You need to remove the wrap and follow the instructions. This wrap has the AHA recommendation steps that one can follow to give CPR. This wrap should be laid on the victim’s chest while giving CPR.

Global CPR statistics 

What are the Situations that require CPR, and how to avoid them?

With the rising population levels, there is chaos everywhere. Big cities are even more crowded. This leads to chaotic situations in social gatherings. Now and then, we come up with news of stampedes and similar situations.  

Overcrowded roads lead to rush and stampedes taking place. Efficient traffic management can reduce crowds. The government must initiate modern traffic management rules.

There should be enough time for people to cross roads. Overcrowded cities must have sufficient space on the footpaths. Some Indian cities are excessively crowded. People also need more time to cross roads. As a result, they are always in a hurry to cross the road in a limited time. This will naturally lead to chaos within that time. You never know whether a person standing next to you starts feeling sick because of the crowd. 

Real-Life Example:

Let us take an example of a crowded Indian city, Kolkata. Known as the city of joy, Kolkata is enthusiastic about celebrating all the festivals. Durga Puja is one of the most famous festivals. People go pandal hopping during the festival. The pandals are overcrowded with people, and there is a rush everywhere. As people generally travel on foot, there is uncontrollable chaos on roads too. 

What happens next? 

Traffic rules become tough, limiting people’s time to cross two/three lane roads. People rush, and several accidents take place. Every year, especially during Durga Puja, stampede situations arise. 

There can be anybody amidst that chaos who starts feeling unwell. Breathing trouble becomes very common during such situations, which calls for CPR. 

It is not only religious gatherings that lead to crowds. Various social and political gatherings can also cause crowds. You can often find jam-packed roads during pre-election gatherings. Sometimes, the polling booths have a rowdy crowd. This is where strict disciplinary action should be taken to control crowds. 

There must always be a trained professional at such places. These trained professionals must know how to give CPR. The first aid booths must be equipped with all modern techniques and the CPR wrap.

The government and the NGOs must enable introductory CPR training sessions for citizens of every country. People from every profession must go for basic CPR training. You never know when you will need to give CPR in 2023.

What is the Success Rate of CPR? 

As we come to an end, let us examine the global CPR statistics. 

  • According to the American Heart Association, 350, 000 Americans die from cardiac arrest. 
  • Nearly 50% of US workers are still looking for an effective AED at their workplace.
  • Only 46% of people who get OHCA get immediate help which is quite shocking.
  • Only 54% of Americans know how to give practical and quick CPR.

Cardiac arrests are increasing daily. Youngsters, too, are on the verge of getting cardiac arrest due to unhealthy lifestyles. We must know how to give CPR in an emergency. 

ZeaHealth feels that a complete knowledge of first aid is the need of the hour. This first aid must include CPR and the necessary training. 

ZeaHealth keeps on educating people about all their healthcare needs. Our CEO, Dr. Chandra Bondugula, stresses the importance of knowing CPR. This can save lives during an emergency. We hope that this blog gives you much-needed information on CPR.


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