Since the day, medical science started to grow more with technology, numerous changes have been experienced by all of us. From getting the test reports within a day, having a quick hassle-free surgery via laparoscopy, to an automated blood test, things have become quite easier, cheaper and technology-based. 

Manpower is being taken over by highly equipped machines and automatic devices saving time, effort and giving 100% positive results. 

In such regard, automated devices are becoming very popular which gives accurate results of many tests like haemoglobin, thyroid etc.

What is an automated device?

Automated testing equipment is any apparatus which performs a test on a device – device under test (DUT), equipment under test (EUT) or unit under test (UUT). It is a computer-controlled digital multimeter which is capable of automatically testing and diagnosing faults in sophisticated electronic packaged parts using chips or integrated circuits. 

What is a CBC with automated differential?

A complete blood count is generally performed using an automated device that measures the cells, and other elements. This method is also called an automated cell counter method which is known to give accurate results.

Let us quickly know what tests one can expect under CBC with Auto Differential.

A blood differential test, also known as Complete blood count is used to measure the amount of the white blood corpuscles in the blood. 

The following are the five types of blood cells, which will be mentioned in the blood report. 

  1. Neutrophils- These are the prominent cells in the blood which fight any infection by releasing enzymes.
  2. Lymphocytes- The two types of lymphocytes are B cells which fight off the invading virus and T cells that destroy the already infected virus.
  3. Monocytes- Helps in removing the dead cells and helps to boost the immune system of the body
  4. Eosinophils- Helps fight infection, inflammation and any kinds of allergic reactions.
  5. Basophils- Helps the releasing of enzymes to control allergic reactions and also defends the body against any foreign substance.

How is a CBC done with Automated differential?

A Complete blood count is done by Hematology instruments that are automated differential screening instruments which identify the WBC’s by their size and staining activity. It performs the complete cell identification of neutrophils, monocytes, basophils, eosinophils and even immature granulocytes. 

These automated instruments count around 32,000 WBC and statistically provide a more accurate blood differential count than a manual differential examination.

  • Whole blood is collected in an instrument known as Lavendar(ETDA) one in 4.0mL or 2.0 mL. 
  • The collection tube has to be filled to a minimum of half of the maximum volume.
  • The tubes must not be overfilled also.
  • The sample can be refrigerated for 12 hours in 20-25°C and for 24 hours in 2-8°C.

What is the cost of a CBC?

A Complete Blood Count costs can range from $10-$2000, depending on the type of clinic one visits, whether one is covered by insurance. Prices can vary with the type of service provider one visits, the area one lives in, whether one is going for an office visit, or the compounder visits the home and collects the blood sample. 

How much does a CBC with Auto Differential cost?

A Complete blood count with Auto DIff. costs around $25 to $66. The estimated  National Average cost is $35. 

An appropriate and professional handling of these automated instruments is something which matters the most. Any blood sample cannot be just inserted into the machine as it may result in faulty outcomes. 

The technician handling these instruments must very well know the technical know-how. It must be very well known when to reject blood samples, like an underfilled tube, frozen, clotted or grossly hemolyzed samples will result in incorrect anticoagulant. 

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