With the growing problem of arthritis in the world, and other body joint-related issues, it is observed that joint replacement surgeries have increased globally. Research by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons shows that there is a high rate of success among those who have the surgery, with approximately 90-95% reporting relief from every type of joint pain. 

However, it is really important to get ourselves clear about what joint replacement surgeries are, the types of joint replacements available and the joint replacement surgery cost. 

I would give you readers, a brief yet informative overview of the following

  • Joint replacements, types
  • Knee replacement and the procedure
  • Post knee replacement care

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What is a joint replacement?

A joint is an area in the body where two bones meet. A joint replacement procedure is also called replacement arthroplasty, A joint that is not functioning well or experiencing arthritis (swelling and tenderness of the joint) is replaced with a prosthesis (artificial) joint. It is a type of arthroplasty (the term means to restore the function of a joint). It has a long history dating back to 1939 when a New York-based surgeon began animal testing with artificial joints. 

Although these surgeries can include long recovery times, patients can experience many benefits and can go on to lead the rest of their lives normally after the surgery. 

Types of joint replacement-

There are different types of joint replacement practised globally and giving beneficial results. The following are the most common joint replacement surgeries.

  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Total joint replacement surgery
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Shoulder replacement surgery

What is a knee replacement?

A knee replacement surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty where a weight-bearing surface of the knee joint is replaced to ease the pain. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis etc calls for knee replacement surgery. Knee replacements are of different types. 

  • Partial knee replacement which is also known as unicompartmental arthroplasty, where only the affected part of the knee is replaced.
  • Total knee replacement where the whole knee is replaced.
  • Bilateral knee replacement where both the knees are replaced at the same time. 

Knee replacement procedures are very common and are becoming more reliable in modern days as it is making lives easier and increasing mobility. Every year around 700,000 patients get their nee replaced worldwide. 

The total knee replacement procedure

Initially, when a patient experiences severe pain or discomfort in the knee, the doctor first advises for an X-Ray from which it can be concluded whether a patient truly needs a knee replacement. You must be aware of the loopholes during such surgeries and ask for every possibility and risk after the surgeries. 

Every patient has the right to ask the whole procedure before the surgery. The surgeon and the medical team will enquire about the patient’s overall health, past medical history, and the medications the patients take. You may also be told to carry out tests other than X-Ray, especially lung and kidney tests. 

  • Most surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia and sometimes peripheral anaesthesia nerve blocks or spinal anaesthesia. Antibiotics are provided to patients to ease the risk of infection.
  • The surgery begins soon after the dose of anaesthesia and the surgeon removes the bones and the diseased cartridges from the thigh bone and the shin bone which meets at the knee. 
  • The removed surfaces are then replaced with a metal implant. A plastic-like material is used to replace the backside of the kneecap and the same plastic material is placed between the two metal parts placed earlier. 

The bones thus move freely and painlessly.

What to do post knee replacement surgery?

The total knee replacement recovery process takes around a month or as directed by the surgeon. Most of the recovery and the rehabilitation will take place at the patient’s home after spending a few days in the hospital where the patient will be under observation. 

The doctors usually prescribe for physical therapy at any local clinic which is proven to be very beneficial. 

Usually, a patient spends 2-3 nights in a hospital after the total knee replacement surgery and the surgeon will prescribe medications to ease the pain.

After the operation, physical therapists will perform the following on the patient. 

  • Weight-bearing therapy.
  • The therapist will allow you to do a series of exercises to help the patient adapt to the new knee.
  • Doctors and therapists will advise the use of a cane or any walking aid which will provide ample support for the first few days/weeks. 

What is the cost of knee replacement surgery?

The knee replacement surgery cost depends on various factors like the preexisting conditions of a patient, whether the operation would be complex, days spent in the hospital and the type of knee replacement a patient wants. 

In the USA, around $50,000 is charged on an average for a total knee replacement. A partial knee replacement costs 10-20 percent less than the former. 

Health insurances do cover some aspects of the cost. 

The cost for a knee replacement for an inpatient is estimated to be $30,249 and an outpatient is $19,002. 

What are the additional costs for total knee replacement surgery?

There are many additional costs which are a part of the joint replacement procedures which must be well kept in mind beforehand.

  • Continuous passive motion machines, walkers and crutches are required by some patients which do require an additional charge.
  • Physiotherapy charges which every patient has to bear post-therapy Physiotherapy which plays a crucial role after any joint replacement, especially knee replacement must be done extensively by patients for a better experience. These charges vary owing to the type of therapy one needs. 
  • Some patients also need home modifications to post a knee replacement surgery, like a safety bar and rails, a shower bench and a toilet seat riser with arms etc. So if you are adding up the total cost for a knee replacement surgery, you must add these also.

How to save money during a knee replacement surgery in 2022?

Knee replacement surgeries can be very costly and thus, a patient needs to do complete research. The patient also has the right to ask the health care provider, the complete detail of the procedure and even insurance companies.

Always check for deductibles and the total cost which will be covered by your insurance companies. 

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