It is this time of the year when most viruses become active! As a result, children, adults, and older people suffer a lot during these months. The new flu has come, adding to this worry. It is the RSV- respiratory syncytial virus, which affects children and adults.

Is coronavirus making a comeback? There is a faint prediction of it. Various new immune evasive variants have come up this month. RSV was expected a few years back since covid got suppressed. 

What is RSV?

This respiratory syncytial virus primarily affects the lungs and the upper respiratory tract. It is very contagious and generally affects young children. People with immunity might not show proper symptoms of RSV because it looks just like the common flu. 

What are some common symptoms of RSV flu?

Let us have a quick look at the symptoms of RSV flu:

  • Low-Grade fever
  • Sore-throat
  • Sneezing
  • Headache
  • Congested/runny nose.
  • Wheezing (a strange noise while coughing)
  • Skin color changes to blue because of a lack of oxygen.
  • Excessive difficulty in breathing. 
  • Children can show symptoms like short, shallow, and rapid breathing.

RSV Flu and Covid: Are they the same?

No! RSV and Covid are two different infections. However, both are respiratory infections whose symptoms are mainly similar. So can you distinguish them? 

Yes! Your physician can distinguish between RSV, Covid, and the common flu very well. However, the symptoms of all three overlap, and sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish them. 

Generally, one can identify them by judging how quickly the symptoms come up. For example, symptoms of flu appear soon after exposure. On the other hand, RSV could have a more extended incubation period which is different from the symptoms of COVID. 

Let us go back to the COVID days. Do you remember that some of us were asymptomatic while some showed rapid symptoms?  

One common way to distinguish between RSV and COVID is by understanding whether you have lost taste and smell. Generally, those who had COVID had a severe loss of taste and smell. However, that does not happen in the case of RSV infection.  

Who is vulnerable to RSV Flu?

Well, RSV or any virus can affect any age group. However, it generally affects people with low immunity. Therefore, men and women above 65 years will be prone to RSV infection in 2022. In addition, if they have some chronic disease like diabetes, lung disorder, gastrointestinal problems, cancer, etc., chances become high. 

Young children are highly prone to the RSV virus. Their immune system does not yet know how to fight and ward off these viruses. As a result, RSV infection in children shows quick symptoms. 

How do we confirm whether it is RSV, flu, or Covid?

There can be no alternative to testing. Testing is the final word to confirm whether it is a common flu, RSV infection, or COVID. In the USA, combined RT-PCR test kits are readily available. Hospitals are also providing several options for testing. However, you can get the exact results only through a proper lab test.

I have got RSV. What should I do now?

There is no need to panic! You should consult a physician if any such problem persists. If you have a cough and cold that keeps on becoming severe, consult your physician. Taking antibiotics and medicines without consulting the doctors can lead to adverse effects. 

  • Practice social distancing in crowded places
  • Wear a proper mask in crowded areas.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Go for a healthy diet and add Vitamin C and zinc to it.
  • Exercise regularly
  • If you feel you have any symptoms, isolate yourself. 
  • Stop panicking.
  • Follow your physician.

We can always prevent a pandemic by curbing it at stage 1. What is more important is to realize where stage 1 lies. For this, we must constantly be in touch with the medical fraternity. Researchers and doctors are the ones who provide you with authentic information. You can prevent any infection by being cautious. Follow the standard guidelines by doctors. 

ZeaMed always shares the latest healthcare news. ZeaMed believes that health equity can avoid any further epidemic that might turn into a pandemic. We believe in a transparent healthcare system where every American citizen gets equal access to all healthcare. Healthcare means not only services but also accurate and authentic information. F With our heads aimed high and hearts wide open, we welcome healthcare transparency. 

Let’s curb RSV infection by following all safety protocols at our best. 

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