“There is a lot of work stress; I cannot work anymore!” 

“Oh, God! My job is at stake; I can’t take the stress!”

“My exams are knocking on the door; there is a lot of stress right now!” 

So, stress is a constant factor right now. Well, the answer is a yes from all the readers. Stress, indeed, has become so much of an integral part. We actually cannot escape stress. Believe it or not, our lives have become way too complicated now. This complication has arisen due to several reasons-

  • Improper work-life balance
  • Struggle in the workspace
  • Struggle at home
  • Struggle for existence
  • Academic pressure for candidates
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Unhappy married life etc.

Stress can lead to numerous problems in our lives. It can make one physically and mentally unhealthy. It is also one of the main reasons for causing relationship issues and many more.

There is one thing that’s loud and clear. The world and its complex scenarios won’t change. However, we can modify and adjust according to it happily. I am not telling you to compromise with the situation. Instead, I am telling you to gather courage and will to cope with stress. 

This blog will delve deeper into stress, its causes, and solutions by ZeaMed. We hope this can be a life savior for all our readers.

What is stress/burnout?

Alright! Let’s begin with the etymology of burnout. Psychologist Herbert Freudenberger first discovered it in the 1970s. He used the term to describe situations where the working professionals completely burned themselves out or were exhausted after work. As time passed by, the concept of burnout became prominent. It describes any situation where a person is stressed out and bogged down completely. It is a situation where one person cannot cope anymore. This can happen with anybody belonging to any profession. In any profession, we mean homemakers too, who are house managers. 

Exhaustion and burnout are two completely different terms. You can be exhausted after your long day’s work. However, if the exhaustion continues for a long time and turns into a disease, it’s a thing to worry about. 

What are the signs of burnout in 2023?

You can quickly diagnose sure signs of burnout. However, there are some signs which remain unidentified. Such people suffer in silence and sometimes even and sometimes end their lives. In today’s world, most suicide rates are because of burnout. Let us look at some common signs and symptoms of burnout-

  • Extreme exhaustion- As I said, it is sometimes ok to be exhausted. However, if it takes a toll on your life, you are burned out if you feel physically and mentally exhausted every time and unable to cope, yes, burnout!
  • Turning cynical and feeling useless– Sounds abnormal? Maybe, but that’s the truth. Most psychologists point these out as the first sign. Feeling suspicious, committing work eros, and feeling useless are the first stages just before burnout. Some people start demeaning themselves, which is another sign.
  • Insomnia- The moment you are burned out, sleep becomes tough. Some people complain that they have difficulty sleeping. At some point in our lives, we all have sleeping disorders. Well, that is not burnout. However, if insomnia is a persistent problem and you need sleeping pills, it’s burnout. When a person sleeps less, they will have problems with the heart, diabetes, and other kidney-related issues.
  • Headache and pain in the gut- Headache is a common issue today. Most of us pop a paracetamol the moment our head starts aching. So how is it a typical headache or something else? 

You should consult a doctor if you have a persistent problem with headaches. You might be burned out.

The gut is very much related to stress. Let me make it simple. Do you experience bowel pain every time? Well, that can be an issue, then. Bowel movements are very closely related to stress. 

  • Recreational comforts– The most common sign of burnout is an addiction to recreational comforts./ Excessive smoking and drinking is the primary sign of burnout. Consuming recreational drugs have also become a fashion nowadays. These drugs have a specific psychoactive nature, making you very happy or sad. Users think that the sporadic consumption of these drugs may not be addictive. However, this is an entirely false concept. The majority of depressed people take shelter in these drugs. So if you feel you are getting addicted to drugs or alcohol, consult a doctor.

How can we prevent burnout?

Winters means festivals! Let’s beat stress with ZeaMed this winter. We all know what we have been through for the past few years, from the Corona pandemic to unemployment and many other problems. We deserve to be joyful. Life is full of ups and downs and is part and parcel of life. What we can do is change our way of thinking.

ZeaMed comes up with practical health solutions every time. Following are some of the measures you can take to beat stress in 2023:

  • Prevention is better than cure

It is always better to prevent a situation rather than to cure it. So how can you prevent stress?

Suppose you feel extremely angry at your workplace. As a result, you switch jobs, nothing satisfies you, and you become irritated. Try to understand yourself, your needs, and your goals. Try to calm yourself before you jump into the stress. Sometimes we make a mountain out of a molehill! Yes, it sounds funny, but it’s true. We imagine, suspect, and unnecessarily think a lot. 

Overthinking kills our productivity. We tend to get angry. Instead, we can sit calmly and jot down our problems. Think practically about possible solutions.

  • Exercising does wonders

Yes, exercising releases endorphins which is a “feel-good” hormone. At times, people gain weight during burnout. Sometimes people start overeating which results in weight gain. Exercising daily can keep your body fit and make you happy.

  • Talking to a loved one reduces the burden.

Some people find it hard to express themselves. But opening up to someone very close can be helpful. Discussing your issues with them, chatting, etc., can help beat stress. 

  • Consulting a therapist

A therapist is someone who will listen and sort out your issue. At times, we need medical assistance. Your therapist will understand your problem and guide you. There is no shame in consulting a therapist. 

Studies say one out of eight adults needs therapy. It is always better to seek help from therapists instead of getting into more trouble. 

You can always contact ZeaMed for excellent consultations on therapy.

ZeaMed pledges to make all positive efforts for healthcare. We aim to make healthcare accessible and hassle-free for everybody. We always look for transparent solutions that suit every stratum of life. This year, let’s be stress-free with ZeaMed! You can look up for the above solutions to reduce stress. Meditation also helps to reduce stress to a great extent. If you have any queries, you can write to us.

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