Recently, an Indian state, Gujarat, witnessed a disastrous train accident. The Vande Bharata Express plying through Morbi bridge collapsed, killing at least 141 people. Could this have been prevented? Why did this accident happen? Triggering the lives of so many people, this shivered the Indians. Just like this, many accidents take place daily. The media shows some of them, and some remain just like that. Recently, the the Indian star cricketer met with an accident while driving in a car hitting the road divider. Rishabh Pant, who had rammed into the divider while trying to avoid a pothole, had to be dragged out of the car before it caught fire and burst into flames.

2023 demands a fresh start for each one of us. 

The dictionary defines an accident as an unforeseen and unplanned situation. We use the word in many ways. “This happened accidentally. “This means that a problem occurred by chance, which was not supposed to happen. The word accident also means something which causes physical/mental injury. Accidents mainly refer to road accidents that are caused by vehicles. It also refers to accidents caused by physical activities. 

The WHO records that approximately 1.3 million people die of road accidents. It has become very common today for many reasons. In this blog, we will cover the reasons that cause accidents. Prevention is better than cure! ZeaMed believes in understanding the reasons for accidents and looks for possible measures to prevent them. 

Classifications of accidents:

Common accidents: Physical and Non-Physical- 

  • Falls
  • Injury by touching something hot, burns, blisters

Accidents by vehicles:

  • Accidents by rash driving
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Work accidents happening at construction sites
  • Accidents caused by drunk driving
  • Train accidents

Accident triangle

Before we look for solutions or precautions, we should look for possible reasons. It becomes crucial to understand the reasons that cause accidents. Renowned scientist Herbert William Heinrich invented the accident triangle, which helps us to understand better. 

Known as the Bird triangle, it is a theory of how industrial accidents can be prevented. 

This accident triangle helps us understand the relationship between accident severity and frequency. In other words, it simplifies the types of accidents. If we look at the original model, we shall get the following data-

Major injuries- 1

Minor injuries-29


A further improvisation came into this triangle where Frank E Bird added a few more aspects-

Major ones-1

Minor ones-10

Property damage-30

Near miss-600

There is also a category of Unsafe accidents.

How can we prevent accidents?

The primary purpose of this blog is to make our readers aware. We have had enough in the last two years. From the covid pandemic to unemployment, we had to deal with many things. We have lost our loved ones too. 

Let us aim to prevent accidents in every way. ZeaMed chalks out the roots that cause accidents in today’s world. Prevention is always better than cure. We must accept the fact that we are always in a hurry. We are in a hurry to reach our offices, market, hospital, dispensary, schools, universities, banks, etc. We need more time, but we should have sense! One miscalculated step can cause accidents. 

ZeaMed advises identifying the hazards:

It is essential to observe our surroundings. Imagine you are walking on a road. It would help if you followed the route’s conditions beforehand, especially the potholes, muddy areas, etc. One should also look for tall trees and protruding branches. 

Imagine walking into a building with a slippery floor. One can take time and have a look first. Sometimes, floors need to be more slippery.

Take time while crossing roads:

Sadly, a significant number of pedestrians meet with accidents while crossing the roads. The golden rule for crossing the street is right, left, and right. We tend to overlook the zebra crossing. Take time and follow the traffic signals while crossing the road. 

Areas which do not have traffic signals are risky. Many lanes have very swift turns. 

Foggy mornings are prone to accidents, be it rail or road. It is always advisable to drive slowly during foggy mornings to avoid them. 

Overtaking is a big no-no:

Sometimes we tend to overtake while we drive. Well, there are better options than that. Almost 52% of accidents take place due to overtaking. Overtaking accompanies overspeeding, which makes a terrible combination.

Safety measures while driving can prevent accidents:

There are several safety measures that one should follow while driving. One must avoid drinking and driving. A seat belt is a must when one goes to a car. Avoid using cell phones while driving. 

Taking care of fire hazards:

We must prevent fire hazards and accidents related to fire. Government must organize training programs to use fire extinguishers. Schools, colleges, and NGOs must also organize such programs where people become aware. 

Accidents at the construction site:

1 out of 5 workers die at a construction site in the US. It is primarily because of carelessness. Construction site accidents are mainly caused by falls and electrocutions. Company owners should provide safety training to all workers at regular intervals. People working at the construction site must know the emergency protocols.

Limiting passengers on board-:

Whenever a vehicle carries passengers more than the capacity, it increases the chance for accidents. Ships, ferries and steamer services are at a higher risk for such accidents due to overloading. Authorities must stop overboarding of passengers.

Imposing strict fines for using cell phones while driving can prevent accidents

A large number of road accidents happen due to the use of mobile phones while driving. While we talk over phones, listen to loud music while driving, we lose concentration. One can also get into heated arguments over the phone while driving.  It is better to park your vehicle sideways and then attend a call. The rule goes the same for commuters walking on the road while using a phone. Crossing the road or railway track while using the phone is a big no no!

Apart from the above, many other accidents occur now and then. Healthcare professionals must also protect themselves from accidents. Healthcare providers must use PPE kits to protect themselves from infectious diseases. They must wear gloves, masks, reflective high-visibility clothes, goggles, etc. 

These are some of the ways by which we can prevent accidents.

We should take the initiative ourselves to stop them. We can avoid accidents by being aware. ZeaMed prevents accidents by creating awareness among all the readers. We hope all the readers will understand how accidents happen. It is always wise to understand the root cause of it and how to prevent them. We hope you liked our article.