ZeaMed Health is on a mission to make healthcare in the United States more transparent, accessible, and affordable. On January 01, 2021, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) required all hospitals in the United States to list their prices or face a penalty of $300 per day, but over 70% of hospitals failed to meet the requirement. 

ZeaMed Health recognizes the hospital with a ZeaStar Certificate that has done an outstanding job publishing their negotiated chargemaster, 300 shoppable services, and an estimator tool to make their prices easy to understand for consumers. Even though the CMS has given an option to publish either the shoppable services or an estimator tool to meet the compliance requirement, the ZeaStar hospitals have taken an extra step to help their patients showing how much the hospital values price transparency.

A ZeaStar Certification means that this hospital has shredded the veil of secrecy that has plagued the American healthcare system and has provided the price transparency data in a consumer-friendly format. ZeaMed Health will continue to encourage all hospitals to become a ZeaStar Certified Facility.

If you are a hospital or health system administrator and would like to become a ZeaStar Certified Facility, let us know at https://zeatool.com

We will send the ZeaStar Certificate to the hospital administrators and also share them on digital media. The ZeaStar hospital can proudly publish the ZeaStar certificate on their hospital website and social media outlets.  

Disclaimer: A ZeaStar Certificate doesn’t mean that the hospital is CMS compliant. The hospital needs to meet all CMS mandated requirements and only CMS has the authority to certify hospitals’ price transparency requirement. ZeaMed Health’s mission is to bring price transparency and lower healthcare costs and only recognizes hospitals as ZeaStar facilities that have gone an extra step to help their patients with pricing information. 

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