A revolution in healthcare is coming and we want you to be a part of it.

It’s no secret the American healthcare system needs an overhaul. We spend more money per capita than any other nation in the world for worse outcomes. Over half of Americans are underinsured or uninsured, meaning they’re responsible for paying out of pocket for most of their healthcare. Every 30 seconds, someone goes bankrupt because of medical bills. Since the same procedure can be $600 at one facility and $1200 at the facility next door, shouldn’t we know ahead of time how much healthcare will cost?

At  ZeaMed, we believe that everybody deserves to know how much their healthcare will cost before they receive it. The U.S. government thinks so, too. In 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued an order for all hospitals to list all their prices on their websites or face a daily fine. Price transparency is the new law for healthcare providers and will help usher in a new world where healthcare services are shoppable just like everything else you buy. When the people who provide healthcare are directly connected to the people who need healthcare in a transparent way, we can bring down the cost of healthcare for both sides while keeping the quality high.

ZeaMed is made of a team of doctors, nurses, hospital executives, technologists, educators, and consumers who have built a whole stack of tools to help shed a light on real prices of healthcare all over the country. But we can’t do it without you. If we’re going to disrupt American healthcare, we’re going to need everyone to work together to disrupt American healthcare. We need hospitals to comply with CMS requirements to make their prices transparent. We need physicians to discuss the cost of treatment with their patients so they can find healthcare that fits their budgets. We need patients to ask their providers for the prices of treatments before they agree to them. We need employers to help their employees save money. We even need government officials to help support price transparency and encourage their citizens to do the same.

Want to help us? Take the #ZeaPledge. No matter where you fit into the healthcare system, you can promise to do your part to make American healthcare more affordable for everyone by asking for price transparency. It’s going to take hospitals, physicians, clinicians, patients, employers, government officials, and YOU to make this change happen. If we all work together to make healthcare prices transparent, we can change the future and the health of Americans for generations to come. Visit zeatool.com/zeapledge to learn more!

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