Like always, ZeaMed leaves no stone unturned to create healthcare awareness. We are celebrating a healthy women’s day by educating women on healthcare. In addition, on this International Women’s day, we promote 100% healthcare price transparency. 

ZeaMed is culturally, aesthetically, and socially invested in global well-being. We value the importance of human health, especially women and children. ZeaMed wishes to bridge the gender gap and begin from the basics. We mean the basics of “women’s healthcare” when we say basics. Unfortunately, many of us fail to realize the importance of women’s health issues. As a result, future generations suffer clinically.

Therefore, it is essential to know and be aware of women’s health conditions and related issues. In addition, a woman goes through several physiological and psychological changes since adolescence. 

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Why should one worry about women’s health?

The earth consists of a variety of living organisms. Each organism has a different physical and mental setup to perform exclusive activities. Similarly, men and women have different roles to perform, but none is lesser than the other. Unfortunately, women are still considered ‘lesser,’ ‘subordinate,’ ‘recessive,’ etc. We, the educated modern generation, must learn from the mistakes of our ancestors. We should aim for equality and transparency in social life too. 

Several social constructs have led women to neglect their health. Over the generations, these neglected women have received little or no medical care. As a result, they remain unhealthy, sick, and sometimes infertile. Among them, the economy remains the primary reason for ‘poor women’s health.’ In most developing countries, women fail to get the best medical treatments due to a lack of money or exorbitant prices.

Sometimes, they may get initial medical attention during pregnancy. However, the follow-up medical need is deprived. After the woman delivers, she hardly receives any medications or cares for the baby. Areas with food scarcity are even worse. 

Menstrual health remains taboo among many societies. As a result, there is limited education about menstrual hygiene and infections. There are even myths and rumors regarding such.

Even some well-to-do families are unaware of diseases affecting women. There is a global burden of diseases affecting women. If women are unhealthy, they will be unable to bear healthy generations. Even if we set aside the childbearing nature, women, in general, need to be healthy. 

In third world nations, the majority of the sex workers are unaware of female hygiene, which has led to the increased occurrence of various STDs. Even the abused woman fails to get immediate medical assistance.

Therefore, ZeaMed takes the initiative of educating women on this day. Women must know their medical rights and aim for healthcare transparency.

The health of a woman: Physiological and Psychological stages

We have divided a woman’s life into the following stages to make it easier.

Newborn baby

In many societies, girls are thought to be a burden. As a result, female foeticide is prevalent in third-world countries. Some countries even have laid a ban on sex determination. However, this problem continues to exist because of the low economy. 

Females hitting puberty

Puberty marks a very crucial age in a woman’s health. As girls hit puberty, they go through a series of physiological changes. They start menstruating at the age of 12-15. The mothers or school teachers have to play a crucial role in educating them during this period.

  • Explaining what menstruation is. 
  • If parents lack adequate knowledge, taking them to a physician will be beneficial
  • Informing them about menstrual and personal hygiene

Teenage pregnancy is a matter of concern at this age. Parents, teachers, and elders must create awareness among their girls. Girls go through several psychological issues during this phase. These mental illnesses can give rise to obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychosomatic disorder, eating disorder, etc. To all the parents reading our blogs, please consult a physician if you discover any of these symptoms.

Adulthood/ reproductive phase

When a girl crosses 18 years, she enters adulthood. Girls are on the verge of becoming mature; hence, several changes occur. First, with the lifestyle changes in women at this age, they tend to care less about their health. They may suffer from PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease), PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), or hormonal imbalances. There are even cases of endometriosis among women at this stage. We must encourage women to go for regular health checkups at this stage. They shouldn’t be shy to talk about their problems. The woman should be provided with high nutrition diet and encouraged more physical activity to keep good health.

Safe sex practices

The 21st century should not be shy to talk about sex and sexual health. Likewise, women should be free to discuss safe sex practices with their physicians. Organizations must effectively train sex workers about safe sex practices to prevent STDs.  


A woman needs the best care when she is pregnant. Best care comes with good knowledge of conditions that can affect women during pregnancy. For example, a pregnant woman goes through several changes in her body.

  • She can go through stress and depression, which will result in hormonal imbalance.
  • Routine blood and urine examination.
  • Should monitor TSH(Thyroid-stimulating hormone) level.
  • Regular USG is a must.
  • Gestational diabetes is common during pregnancy; hence should watch.
  • Ensure that pregnant woman gets adequate rest and nutrition. A nutritionist can help plan the diet for a pregnant woman.
  • The mental well-being of the pregnant woman creates a significant difference. 

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Post pregnancy

A woman should get a balanced diet after she delivers. It is essential to know that she can develop some psychological issues. The mothers can get lactation and caring classes for the newborn baby. A paediatrician should see the newly born baby. Read the miracles of breastfeeding on our website. 

Climacteric period

A woman enters menopause in her late forties or early fifties. Almost five years before and after menopause is called a climacteric period. This period is characterized by hormonal rush, physical fatigue, mental stress, loss of libido, clinical depression, etc. It happens because of low estrogen secretion. As a result, there is an increase in vasomotor symptoms like hot flushes, vertigo, excessive sweating, migraine, etc. 

The climacteric period is the time when women need extra care. If your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, etc., are facing such issues, look out for them. You can lend a helping hand by managing her household chores and lessening her burden.  Try to discuss the issues with them and if needed consult a physician.

Some women are also diagnosed with breast cancer at this stage. Women should go for regular mammogram screening. Wish to know more about breast cancer? Click here to learn more about breast cancer and its treatment

Sometimes, women even die from silent heart attacks. There is a belief that women won’t get heart attacks early. Unfortunately, many women die from heart attacks in their fifties. That’s why it is highly recommended that women get regular heart health checkups.

Post climacteric stage

In this stage, women move towards old age. She can become prey to several health conditions which go unnoticed. Our mothers, aunts, and grandmothers seldom feel the need to consult a physician at this stage. 

All youngsters reading our blogs must encourage them to give utmost importance to their health. Heart and brain issues, joint pain, etc., are prevalent and treatable. It would be best if you had the right place and effective treatment. At this stage, women must go for full body checkups. The following checkups are recommended for older women-

How can price transparency be a boon for women’s healthcare?

Price transparency can indeed be a boon for women. It provides women with the opportunity to choose and select services. It aids women in managing their finances by estimating the costs beforehand. ZeaMed knows that women are neither spendthrifts nor misers! She should choose the best services for herself at any price. They can search for low-cost, high-quality providers who offer cash pay prices. Why should women spend less on their health? She has been working and giving her best for ages. Now it’s time for us to promise her transparent healthcare. 

ZeaMed will educate women regularly, and our mission is to improve the health of global citizens. No one should be left behind for the lack of transparent healthcare prices.

On this International Women’s day, let’s promise that we all will join hands and improve women’s healthcare globally. 


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