Whether you’re recovering from a heart attack or a sports injury, you can benefit from physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy is the overall name of treatment that works to help acute and chronic pain, or physical impairments of any kind through massage, manual therapy, and more. The goal of these treatments is to help the patient restore the function of the injured or impaired body parts. Physical therapy is widely used around the world and has helped many people who have different physical disorders. In this article, we will talk about the types of therapy that are available and the cost.
The CPT code physical therapy test 97110.

How much does Physical Therapy Cost?

The cost of physical therapy depends on the number of sessions that you book, as well as the injury you have suffered. The costs of therapy include both the cost for the therapist themselves and the cost of special equipment used during your treatment. It might not include the X-Ray,  MRI scan, or other charges that might come along with your treatment. The physical therapy cost ranges from $20 to $350 per session. A physical therapist will bill for physical therapy using CPT code 97110.

Many health insurance policies cover physical therapy,with a co-pay being between $30 and $50, but if you aren’t insured, it can be closer to $125. At the highest, the cost of physical therapy may be as much as $350 per visit for cash pay patients who don’t have insurance. 

Why is physical therapy required?

Physical therapy (you may also hear it called physiotherapy) is the best tool to treat any kind of injury or pain by using evidence-based kinesiology (study of the movement of the body), health education, massages, electrical stimulation or mechanical therapy to help physical impairments and to increase mobility in a particular area. An example of mechanical therapy would be using equipment like a Nordic Track for low impact movement, or resistance bands for stretching. Patients with a neurological disorder, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, stroke, or other condition can have great success with physical therapy. 

The cost of physical therapy depends on many different factors, like the area in which it is done, how long the sessions are, and the condition of the patient. For example, the physical therapy cost for a person who has suffered a stroke or a heart attack might be higher than therapy for a sports injury, because the treatment is more involved and delicate. Another reason why the cost may vary is because of the qualifications and experience of the therapist. Here is a more detailed look at the various types of therapy, and their average costs. 

Cost of a Physical Therapist:

Your first session with a trained physical therapist may cost around $150, and they will likely check why and where you need the therapy and treatment. This is sometimes called a consultation fee. Some physical therapy can cost as much as $75-$150 for the first visit. During this visit, you may be given certain exercises to check how well your body functions. This will determine whether you need additional treatments and appointments. 

When and why will I need physiotherapy?

You can require physiotherapy for various orthopedic conditions like Arthritis, Spondylitis, Cubical Tunnel syndrome (injury of the ulnar nerve), dislocations and fractures, knee problems, shoulder problems, neurological problems like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, spinal cord injuries and certain cardiopulmonary disorders, among other things. Here’s a breakdown of physical therapy costs for problem areas.

How much does physical therapy cost for knees? 

The average cost of physical therapy for the knees is around $100-$110 per session. If you have insurance, you might have to pay $25 to $68 per session as your co-pay. It depends upon how long your treatment lasts, but after six weeks, if you still feel some pain or discomfort, the therapist may reduce the number of remaining sessions along with the charges.

How much does Physical Therapy cost for back pain?

The American Physical Therapy Association states that physical therapy for chronic pain costs around $123 to $150 per session. Generally, people spend between $1000 and $1260 for the full treatment, which lasts for 8 to 10 sessions. Along with the physical therapy itself, the therapist may give you several exercises that will speed up the recovery process. 

How much does physical therapy cost for neurological disorders?

People who have neurological disorders can see huge benefits from physical therapy, and in 80% of cases, they can see full improvement if the therapy is done regularly and efficiently. The cost of physical therapy for a neurological condition ranges from $50-$150 per session. The physical therapy cost for electrical stimulation of the muscles followed by massage can be $132 and $100. If you are insured, you may pay a co-pay of $10 to $75 per session.

What is the average cost of physical therapy for the Pelvic Floor? 

The average cost of pelvic floor physical therapy ranges from $200 to $225 for the first consultation and $180 for the next therapy sessions. A pregnant woman or a woman who has just delivered a baby is given a 45-minute session which costs around $400 to $600. The reason for the high price is because of the preciseness required during the therapy session. Such therapy helps to improve bladder health which is required for bladder control and can improve reproductive health for men and women. 

Physical therapies are costly and might not be affordable for everyone who needs them. Here are some tips to make your physical therapy costs more reasonable:

  • Check whether you are insured for the physiotherapy sessions. because it can cut down your cost up to 50% in most cases.
  • Even after the scheduled sessions are over, you need to make a habit of exercising at home to increase your mobility to reduce future costs of repeat therapy. You can take notes during the sessions which can help you in remembering the types of exercises or movements. You can also ask for visual aids or papers to help you remember what to do at home. 
  • Be aware! Many clinics can overcharge you. Check out a website like ZeaMed to find the average costs in your area, so that you know what to expect. 

It is very important to have your therapy done by a professional, trained therapist. With an inexperienced provider, you could make your injury worse because they may be unaware of any previous injuries or conditions you have. 

With ZeaMed, you will have access to trained providers who are experienced, qualified, and compassionate. Why waste time searching for the best physical therapists at affordable prices? ZeaMed has the details and discounts you need. 

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