How much does a PET scan cost near me?

If you are wondering what a PET scan is, why and when someone should get a PET scan done and what can be the probable cost of such kind of scan; then you have landed at the correct place. With the growing number of diseases and health disorders especially cancers, autoimmune diseases, psychological disorders like Alzheimer’s, and multiple personality disorders, a full-body scan becomes very essential to know how much contamination has occurred inside the body.

A PET scan is also essential to map the human brain and heart functions in a human body. Before we get to know the reasons why a PET scan must be done and what can be the probable expenses behind such an advanced scan let us know what a PET scan is.

What is a PET scan?

PET is the acronym for Positron emission tomography which is an advanced imaging technique with the use of radioactive substances to visualize and measure the various metabolic processes in a human body. It was introduced by David E Kuhl, Luke Chapman, and Roy Edwards towards the end of the 1950s. With the development and advancement of radiopharmaceuticals, the need for a PET scan gradually increased. It is mainly used for detecting various changes in physiological activities like blood flow, metabolism, chemical composition, and absorption.

A PET scan uses radioactive materials which are known as a tracer for the imaging purpose. Such a tracer is injected into the body which gets trapped within the tissues and the unstable nucleus of the radioligand emits positrons(they are produced by gamma-ray flashes in the clouds) which combine with the neighboring electrons to produce gamma-rays in the opposite direction. The gamma rays get detected easily by the ring of a detector placed within the doughnut-shaped structure of the scanner. These energies and locations of the gamma rays are recorded and used by a computer program to create a 3D image of the tracer concentration in the body. Indeed complicated to understand because of technical difficulties, the procedure isn’t that complicated.

Often people confuse a PET scan with a CT scan, however similar it might be there are basic differences, a CT scan shows detailed pictures of organs inside your body whereas a PET scan can find abnormal activities and can prove more sensitive and efficient than a CT scan.

Who needs a PET scan?

You may need a PET scan when you are at a risk of cancer, tumors, brain disorders (especially for neuroimaging), heart disease. It helps in diagnosing conditions like cancer and how far it has spread, to examine the effects of a heart attack, myocardial infarction, to examine whether procedures like angioplasty, coronary artery bypass, and other operations would benefit a patient.

With the growing number of diseases and health disorders especially cancer and other autoimmune diseases, a full-body scan becomes very essential to know how much contamination has occurred inside the body.

A PET scan is also essential to map the human brain and heart functions in a human body. Before we get to know the reasons why a PET scan must be done and what can be the probable expenses behind such an advanced scan let us know what a PET scan is.

How is a PET scan performed?

The procedure of a PET scan:

  • Doctors and technicians advise patients going for PET scans to have clear liquids and to stop consuming any food four hours before the scan.
  • The doctor should be briefed about the types of medicines the patient consumes, whether the patient is already suffering from any disease. Pregnant and breastfeeding women might sometimes be at risk, so proper information from your prescribed doctor becomes very essential.
  • Any allergies a patient had earlier must be informed beforehand especially an allergy to iodine. 
  • Physical activities like jogging, swimming, running, and heavy exercises must be stopped 24 hours before the scan.
  • Loose and comfortable clothes must be worn without metal zippers. Any presence of metal straps o the body interferes with the scanning procedure; usually, the clinics provide special attire during the scan.

Before the scan starts, the patient is given an injection of a radioactive sugar- fluorodeoxyglucose-18 and the cells absorb the sugar. The area that uses more energy picks up more sugar, hence the cancer cells tend to use more energy than the healthy cells.

Certain reactions may also be encountered by patients, especially when the radioactive drug, i.e. tracer is put into the body, it may cause-

  • Major allergic reaction
  • Might expose an unborn baby to radiation, if you are pregnant and prior consultation with the doctor is essential.

However, the tracer element is too small to cause any major negative effects. 

The pre-scan rules are very necessary to follow so that the findings come authentic. In ZeaMed we have experts guiding you through the full process of the PET scan.

How much does a PET scan cost near me?

The cost of a PET scan varies from country to clinics. It was estimated that in August 2008, Cancer Care Ontario, Canada reported that the average cost to perform a PET scan was around $1000-$12000 which included the cost of the radiopharmaceutical along with the fee for the doctor. In the United States, the cost of a PET scan may vary from $5000-$15,000 depending on the condition of the patient. The cost of a PET scan also varies from clinics to hospitals; as in hospitals, the cost is lesser. The PET scan in hospitals may range around $4,100-$14,000 for high deductible patients. Some scans also vary from $2,000-$4,000.

In the US some routine PET scans are not insured by the insurance companies because these scans are often unnecessary and have potential risks than benefits. It is high time, we should think about where to invest our money in a proper PET scan.

In this regard, ZeaMed has world-class facilities for a PET scan, guided by professionals with years of experience and also world-class technicians and even advanced machines to get all the services you need. ZeaMed, a firm consisting of trusted doctors and the best team to guide you all through the PET scan procedure. All the queries are well attended by a group of professionals. It is hassle-free with subsidized rates suited for people from every level of income. It is the quality of health that ZeaMed focuses on, it aims to subsidize the healthcare cost. Visit ZeaMed for more detail and plenty of discounts on every visit.

How much is a PET scan cost with insurance?

One of the drawbacks of a PET/CT/MRI scan is the high operation cost in many countries and even in states. The operation cost varies from $8.2 million to even set up the complete PET scan unit and over a million to obtain approximately 3000 scans per year, depending upon the local cost of living in the country. Many insurance companies do cover the PET scan along with MRI and CT scans. Such patients who are covered by health insurance may get a rebate of 25% on the actual cost ranging from $600 to $1200 in a clinic and $1025 to $4000 in a hospital.

Factors which affect the PET scan cost

We have seen, that the cost of a PET/MRI/CT scan varies due to innumerable factors. The cost of a PET scan is generally more for an inpatient than for an outpatient. It also varies whether a patient is insured or not; for an insured patient the cost can be lesser than for a non-insured patient. It again varies location-wise, especially if someone lives in a rural area, with fewer clinics, the cost is high. It becomes strenuous for a patient to understand why the cost varies, in a situation like this, ZeaMed brings to you a standard cost which will surpass all these dilemmatic factors, it aims to provide a standard rate whether you live in a hamlet or a city. ZeaMed has got standard rate charts irrespective of the place you live in as it aims to reach maximum patients with a low cost of services.

Cost of a full-body PET scan 

The cost of a full-body PET scan may vary from an average of $4,900 to $7000. The cost also varies on the geographical location of the service provider even within states, which varies from Mississippi to California. It becomes very difficult to decipher the hidden cost during a PET scan and the provider may anyhow charge excess. You need a service provider who would guarantee a subsidized rate along with excellent services to provide the facility to every nook and corner of the country. It is the right of every patient to get services at a rate that sustains normalcy. In this regard, ZeaMed provides a full-body PET scan at extremely subsidized rates guided by a panel of expert professionals. With the COVID crisis tightening our grip, we all have experienced the huge drain of wealth, especially on healthcare. A tuff situation like this calls for a cheap yet reliable and efficient service like ZeaMed which will take care of your health. Avail ZeaMed for reduced costs and extra discounts.

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