Mammography is a medical imaging technique that uses a low-dose x-ray system to detect any disease condition inside a woman’s breast.
Generally, this test uses a mammogram to identify/diagnose breast diseases at an early stage.

Test Details:

  • Mammography is generally carried out on an outpatient basis using a mammogram.
  • The radiologic technologist places the patient’s breast in a mammography unit.
  • The breast will be compressed on a special platform with a clear plastic paddle. Gradually, the technologist compresses your breast.
  • The breast compression is carried out to check its thickness, breast-tissue abnormalities, and to get a clear picture of the defects present in the test region.
  • The patient has to change the positions to get image views from different sides.
  • Compression is useful for tomosynthesis imaging.
  • While taking the image the patient may have to hold the breath still for a few seconds for a blur-free X-ray image.
  • The whole test process takes place in 30 minutes.