The lumbar spine in a human body is the lower back just below the last thoracic vertebra and the top of the sacral spine also known as the sacrum.  Mostly, people have five lumbar levels starting from L1 to L5 but some people might also have six. The lumbar spine, being one of the delicate parts of the human body, can have several complications. As walking, sitting, running and every other physical activity is modulated by this spine, it can also cause pain and discomfort.

It is thus when the doctor can order a lumbar MRI. The CPT code of lumbar Mri is 72148.

Why is a lumbar MRI done?

If your doctor has just ordered a lumbar MRI and if you were wondering what possible reasons there might be, the following information will help you. 

  • If you are experiencing a prolonged back pain accompanied by fever.
  • If one has certain birth defects which affect the spine.
  • If you have recently injured your spine.
  • Multiple sclerosis calls for an immediate MRI.
  • If one is experiencing problems with the bladder.
  • If the doctor/surgeon suspects signs of brain or spinal cancer.
  • Any sort of weakness and numbness with legs.
  • Doctors order MRIs before spinal surgery.

How much is a lumbar spine MRI cost near me?

An average cost for MRI ranges from $1,200 to $5,000 depending on the type of MRI one does. The full spine MRI cost will vary between clinics and hospitals and also geographically. A lumbar spine MRI cost is usually covered by insurance for most people in the USA but again the cost within these insurances will also vary.

  • The Lumbar spinal MRI cost for a high deductible patient in a private clinic would be $1,200 to $2,400 whereas the same in a hospital would be $2,100 to $8,100.
  • Full spine MRI cost with insurance in a clinic would range from $300 to $500 whereas in a hospital the same MRI with insurance would be $700 to $2,000.
  • Cash patients will have to pay $250 to $400 in a clinic for a full spine MRI whereas $500 to $2,000 in a hospital for the same.

How to prepare for a lumbar spine MRI?

If you are going for a lumbar spine MRI you must inform the doctor and the radiologist about the medications you are under. You must also tell whether you have a pacemaker. Some pacemakers’ programs can be readjusted to comply with the MRI process. All artificial jewelry must be opened as the MRI’s magnet can interfere with any metal on the body.
Any patient having an artificial heart valve, dental implants, plates, prosthetic joints, stents, and screws inside the body must inform the doctor beforehand. 
You must also tell the radiologist if you are claustrophobic as the whole MRI process which takes quite some time will be done inside a tunnel-like machine. 
The whole process takes 30 to 90 minutes. 

How to save money on a Lumbar Spine MRI cost?

Well, there can be several ways to save money during a lumbar spine MRI. When your doctor orders an MRI, always do first-hand research and get to know the prices by visiting clinics nearby. If possible, you can take your doctor’s referral which can help you get the best price for MRI.
You can pay in cash to save money.
Going for MRIs in large metro areas will help you get a reduced price rate because of the large competitive market.
The best way to save money for a full spine MRI is by visiting ZeaMed because it is going to offer you comparatively a lower rate than most other health care firms. The simple reason for this is ZeaMed does not have any hidden cost and the price transparency ensures that every patient would get similar rates.
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